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Inventor IFC Exporter allows you to export any Inventor assembly or part to IFC2x3 or IFC4 format with all design tracking properties included

It is also possible to change the faceting factor to get more or less dense tessellated geometry in the IFC file.

The easiest way to export the Inventor assembly is to specify the file name, select the schema version and click the Export IFC button.

The plugin also has the ability to use class and property mappings. With class mappings, the user can tell the plugin which IFC element type to use for individual parts. Property mappings allow the user to map Inventor construction tracking properties to standard BuildingSMART property sets.



  • Licenses a specified user and computer
  • Required information when ordering

* MAC address of the computer


  • Flexible user and computer, as long as enough free licenses are available
  • Required information when ordering

* Name and MAC address of the server

The first year of maintenance is included and therefore free of charge!

You will automatically receive an offer from us to extend the maintenance.

From the second year on the maintenance price is as follows:

Single User License: 120 €

Multi User License: 180 €

Inventor IFC Exporter

  • Brands Codemill
  • Product Code:CO999
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