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Within many companies Plant Design and Structural Design are often different disciplines and sometimes even separate departments. The reuse of structural engineering in plant design is often not possible because the required interface is not available. Often, the structural design has to be extensively reconstructed in the plant design.

The SDNF2AVEVA interface is developed to overcome this issue; it is aimed to create input data files for AVEVA E3D, Plant (PDMS) or Marine. The input data files that the interface creates are based on the neutral SDNF format (Steel Detailing Neutral Format), this way the data can be exchanged effectively between the Structural Design and AVEVA solutions. The interface supports the standard formats SDNF 2.0 and 3.0.

The SDNF files that are converted still hold the information that was used to build the Structual model. Therefor the SDNF2AVEVA interface can re-build the Structural model including necessary information like profile type and size, which instantly enables you to make changes to the Structural model when necessary.

Benefits of the interface:

  • All data used for planning is correct and contains no faults
  • Converting of the SDNF fi les is easy and fast
  • Saving valuable time and money
  • Allows optimizing the workfl ow
  • No re-modeling is necessary

Steel (SDNF) import interface for AVEVA

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