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You are working on an existing installation and need to use the as-built situation as your starting point for design updates. Or you work together with engineering contractors that use different Plant design solutions. In both situations you will have the need to re-use the data that was created in an earlier stage. Often the information that is available is just an IDF or PCF file which typically doesn’t help you to re-build your designs.

With the interface we enable you to use the IDF or PCF file format to completely re-build your pipe design, including inline components, flanges, etc. The interface also maintains all the available information from the IDF or PCF file, which allows you to continue working on the model directly after the import.

The ISO2AVEVA interface saves you valuable time and reduces errors when re-modeling your design. Not only is the re-build model an exact replica of your existing site, it also carries all the necessary information to create lists, bill of materials and it enables you to do your work straight from the start.

Benefits of the interface:
  • No need re-model an existing design, saving time and money
  • Re-build model is created with a generic pipe specification
  • Original pipe specifications can be used but are not mandatory
  • Re-build model is based on your existing design, eliminating the chance of errors when re-modeling
  • Easy and simple to use interface, no special skills required to re-build a model

ISO2AVEVA – Import piping in AVEVA solutions

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