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  • Navisworks Exporter

Export of Navisworks models for 3D-CAD (STEP), 3D printing (STL), PLM (JT), AVEVA E3D Marine PDMS (PML) or Virtual Reality (VRML).

Autodesk Navisworks is rightly one of the most widely used and popular solutions for viewing, reviewing and analyzing 3D model data from a huge number of 3D systems. This makes it ideal for providing model data to partners or subcontractors. However, the possibilities for the further use of this model data are severely limited.

With the Navisworks Exporter, Unitec offers a flexible extension for Autodesk Navisworks that allows you to extract maximum information for your application, even without access to the original data.

3D model data can be exported from Autodesk Navisworks completely or by simple selection of the required elements. There are a number of different export formats available, each for a specific purpose.

The advantages:
  • A solution for a variety of use cases
  • Based on Autodesk Navisworks the 3D data from a huge number of different cad systems can reused
  • STEP output for editing in 3D CAD systems
  • Provision of 3D and attribute data for PLM systems (JT format)
  • Use Navisworks data for 3D printers (STL)
  • Creation of models for AVEVA software (E3D, Marine, Plant, PDMS), e.g. for the follow-up of design reviews (PML macros)
  • Model preparation for Virtual Reality Systems (VRML)

Navisworks Exporter

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