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Create on an easy way piping isometric from the design system Solid Edge, based on the technology of the market leader ALIAS.

Unitec is focused on the requirement of the mechanical and plant engineering. iso.Edge allows the automatically creation of piping isometrics. Often the mechanical design system meets not all requirements for the piping fabrication.

Contrariwise functionality of the mechanical engineering is needed by plant engineering, especially in the case of detailing constructions, which are not, or insufficient available in the most plant design systems.

UNITEC is closing this gap and is providing the efficient solutions of base technology by Solid Edge and Alias. Both products see themselves as the market leader in their branch and offer an outreaching cost-effectiveness. Mechanical and plant engineerer will profit of a productive collberation acurres by the conflaction of both systems.

iso.EDGE exports all important information of pipings out of Solid Edge and throated the isometry fully automatically. Use the automation of this routinely tasks and save your time and money!

Advantages of iso.EDGE:

  • Creation of pipings in Solid Edge. The applictaion of Solid Edge covers all the requirements of mechanical engineering. Simple handling, high performance and low capital expenditure in reference to purchase in tarining and service.
  • All relevant information (meta data) of plant engineering is provided in Solid Edge and can be used on downstream processes like PDM, PPS for example.
  • Automatic isometric generation at the touch of a button. All meta datas of pipings will be straight transfer by iso.EDGE. Consequently you concieve the entire isometry, including the dimensioning, the marking and the lists of marterial, customizing and welding.
  • Direct export to AutoCAD, SmartSketch und Microstation are avaible. Also the neutral exchange format DFX and DWG.

ISO.Edge – Create isometrics in Solid Edge

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