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The converter enables you to transfer AVEVA models (E3D, Marine, PDMS) to the STEP format (AP 214 CD). Many MCAD systems and analysis programs are capable of using the STEP format for the import of model geometry. STEP is characterized by the high quality of the imported models and the possibility of illustration of the object hierarchy. The functions in detail:

  • The 3D geometry of the selected elements from the model structure is exported completely.
  • The color regulations defined for the model are taken over with export.
  • The complete object structure is maintained with export.
  • Models can be exported separately over any levels.
  • Line elements can be exported as thin cylinders or as a wireframe representation model.
  • The negative bodies can be considered optionally in the STEP export.
  • The configuration information items for the exporter are stored in a control file, with which the required language of the user interface can also be adjusted.
  • The exporter is fully batch capable.

AVEVA2MCAD - Transfer AVEVA data to CAD-Format

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